Our mission is to save lives by being different than other veteran foundations.

We started from the ground up with a simple mission in mind, “Brothers helping Brothers”

The alarming number of our combat veterans who are taking their lives each day is unacceptable and we have taken a stand against this epidemic.

What makes us different is our members and the way we reach veterans in need. We have fellow combat veterans on board to answer the phone 24/7 to give the chance to talk to someone who can understand the veteran in distress state of mind and build a network of trust that is lacking within the official forums. Every one of members brings something different to the table and when we all work together, our support network knows no boundaries. Not only are we taking immediate action by getting the gun out of a vets hand, but we are here to help get life back on track by helping navigate the VA, finding jobs, and staying in touch with people who truly care and want to make a difference.

We believe that together we have the power to change the way our heroes see themselves when they leave active duty.

Many of us feel that we have lost our sense of purpose and identity now that we are no longer on the front lines of America’s battlefields. At Weekends with Warriors, we want to change that perspective by letting our brothers and sisters know that the fight against suicide needs every one of us to stand together, as we did in battle, and look out for those to our left and right.

Another way we serve our community

by hosting events for combat vets to join together again and experience the fellowship and bonds that only another veteran can provide.

From Nascar races, concert tickets, outdoor sports, or just having a few beers at a bbq, getting together again let’s us know that we are not alone and that someone still has our back.

Brothers Helping Brothers

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