Letter of Appreciation

Dear Mr. Davis,

I wanted to send you a letter expressing my heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards the Weekends With Warrior foundation. As you know from having numerous in depth conversations with me, I have struggled this past year following the death of my wife and fellow combat veteran, Holly Jo. Last May my beautiful wife and best friend became one of the 22 veteran’s per day that commit suicide. This literally crushed my heart and brought me to a low point in my life that no man should have to endure. As I spent the following months attempting to regroup and center myself, I realized that I was pretty alone. I always heard about various foundations out there that were setup to help people like myself and my wife. But after that happened, I regret to say that none of them reached out to me. As a combat veteran having served multiple deployments to the Middle East, I myself was medically retired three years ago. Shortly after retiring I was added to the Wounded Warrior Project as an alumni member for life. It was this organization that I figured I could turn to when that devastating day came last year. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found. It was at that point that I started to digress and isolate. I soon started to go down a very bad road littered with depression, suicidal thoughts and negative ideations myself. A few combat brothers reached out and really helped to pick me up. One of those brothers was a Vice President of your organization, Weekends With Warriors. Within just a few days of speaking to Anthony, I was contacted via telephone by you. Now I won’t sugar coat it, I didn’t really trust you or your organization after what I had been put through previously. But within just a few minutes of speaking to you I realized that W3 was in fact different. Much different. The idea was very simple- Brothers Helping Brothers. This means more to me than just what it sounds like. Having lost so many brothers to suicide then ultimately my own wife, I knew in my heart the only way I was going to break out of the darkness was to have the help from brothers. Shortly after speaking to you I was made a state representative for the State of Idaho. This gave me purpose. It gave me motivation. Something is been lacking for quite some time. Being a part of this organization, now as a Vice President myself, means more to me than I even have the words to express. Knowing that we have a mission to help lower the number each and every day is priceless to me. The opportunity you have given me to help build and grow such an amazing organization is something I will be indebted to you for forever. We will succeed in this mission. I believe no driving force out there can out work, out fight, or out perform the human spirit when it’s dedicated to a cause and has God’s help along the way. Thank you and I will continue striving to accomplish the mission and serving those who depend on us.

Best regards,
Mr. Jesse M. Johnston
Vice President, W3
Brothers Helping Brothers